What is a baby pineapple?
Adorable miniature pineapple grown exclusively in South Africa. Intensely sweet golden flesh and soft edible core. The entire fruit measures just 5 inches high.

When ripe?
A ripe baby pineapple has a lovely sweet scent and it is easy to pull off the leaves. Baby pineapple are always ripe and ready to eat.

How to store?
Baby pineapple is kept out of the fridge.

How to cut a Baby pineapple?
Remove the plume at the crown with a sharp knife before cutting the pineapple. Cut the pineapple lengthwise in quarters.
Remove the rind with a sharp knife. Cut the baby pineapple pieces without the rind in smaller pieces.

How to eat this?
Use this superbly sweet pineapple as you would a regular pineapple. Also beautiful addition to fruit baskets or a decorative table centerpiece.
Delicious in a fruit salad
Lovely grilled with chicken
Ideal to stuff

Nutritional values
57 Kcal
11.6 g Sugar
0.1 g Fats
1.6 g

Baby pineapple is rich in Vitamin C and is a source of fibres.

How to choose?
Choose fruit that is golden in color and very aromatic.

How to store?
Because pineapples develop dark spots from temperature changes, if it is purchased chilled, keep it refrigerated; and if it was bought at room temperature, keep it at room temperature.

Where to buy?
At Mina Halal Food. WhatsApp 012-9443244. Stock are very limited.